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The ultimate rundown for new runners

1.Start slow

If you've not been active for a while, you may want to build your fitness levels gently by walking/jogging before you move on to running.

Running requires little equipment, but a good pair of running shoes that suit your foot type may help improve comfort.

There are so many types of trainers on the market, get advice from a specialist retailer beforehand, they will assess your foot and find the right shoe for you.

The shoe's structure weakens over time, especially with regular use. Running experts advise replacing running shoes every 300-400miles.

2. Increase water intake

Before starting your running journey make sure you know how much water you're actually drinking day to day. Not coffee, not tea or any other drink for that matter - WATER, generally out the tap - regular water!

3litres should roughly be the average persons daily intake. When running we sweat water, some people think we sweat fat, this is a common mistake among beginners who are aiming to improve their health and wellbeing.

Water is the one thing we all need but even more so if you're aiming to improve your health and fitness.

3. Stretch before training

Anyone looking to improve in any area of physical exercise needs to stretch in general and once you know what you're doing specifically too, this will help with recovery and also by reducing the risk of strained and pulled muscles.

4. Where to turn

There are so many things to help with your training nowadays; digital watches, apps etc. You can also join running clubs, bootcamps, fitness classes of hundreds of different types all of which can help improve your health and fitness.

5. Seek advice/help

I have personally met some people from the health and fitness industry who at a glance you would easily be fooled into thinking this person must know what they're talking about until they open their mouth that is. Believe it or not I have seen personal trainers who if I didn't know better looked like they may have been trying to punish their clients rather than improve their health & fitness. They want to show they're capable of producing results which is understandable but you don't have to put a clients health in jeopardy to do so.

6. Enjoy the journey

It doesn't happen over night, it takes time and effort to improve your health and fitness so don't give up on yourself if you don't see results straight away. They will come with time and effort, that much I can promise you.

Over the years I have seen people get so close to their goals and give up at the last minute don't be this person! Keep striving for that extra mile, extra rep, extra whatever it is you're training for DO NOT GIVE UP on yourself.

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