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11 Great Moves to Stay Active at Your Work Desk and Tips to Keep Moving During Work Hours

Shoulder Shrugs

  1. Upper Back Stretch

  2. Neck Tilts

  3. Wrist/Forearm Stretch

  4. Hand/Finger Stretch

  5. Back/Hip Stretch

  6. Back Stretch

  7. Upper Body Stretch

  8. Side Stretch

  9. Hamstring Stretch

  10. Neck Stretch

  • Take regular breaks from sitting by standing up every 30 minutes.

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

  • Stand up or pace while on the phone.

  • Walk over to speak with colleagues instead of emailing them.

  • Keep hydrated for more frequent restroom trips.

  • Limit screen time to stay active.

  • Hold a walking or standing meeting.

  • Try a sit-stand desk

  • Move away from your desk at lunch time.

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